Baby, Its Cold Outside!

What happened?! The temperature plummeted in a matter of hours leaving my fall cloak hopelessly useless.

So that means I have to make a winter one…wait…THAT’S AWESOME!

I have come across many patters of cloaks on the internet and I know I need one that is a little bit less cumbersome than my fall cape. Don’t get me wrong, its brilliant, but the cut of it (which is basically a circle) is not working.

I need something with slits in it for my arms (even though, at one point I despised that design), a collar and a hood (how do I add a collar and a hood…no idea). And it has to reach my thighs and drape a little less fully than the fall one.  It will be a next week project thing. *heavy sigh* Until then, I’ll have to go back to coats…:sad face:…

I don’t know if it is just me but it really pisses me off when people  tell me “Its too cold to wear that coat” Uh DUH! Don’t you think I know that when I went outside. Obviously I was too obsessed with work and anxious to get somewhere on time to care about my own well being…wait, what?

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