Sarania and the Technicolor DFTBA Dream Skirt

FINISHED! 3 days early Particularly for a specific event I am going to today.

I call it my Technicolor DFTBA Dream Skirt…Yes, it was inspired by Joseph’s coat. (I really like his sense of style) Or you can say it was inspired by the 6th Doctor’s coat. Either way, it speaks for itself, very loudly I might add.

Surprised? Impressed? Scared?

You should be. Because it came out just like what I wanted it to look like. Yep, I meant to do that.

I used a load of fabric remnants that I had cluttering up my space. So  I did the whole cut now measure later where I just go at fabric with a pair of scissors and come up with what was in my head. Who needs patterns when you’ve got scissors…that made no sense.

But there was a snag in there. Notice the closure:

Yeah the corset thing was not supposed to be. I wanted a simple zipper. But NO! The zipper broke!…I wasn’t entirely sad because I worked on this all night and was at the point of “Well, screw this, I try something else” and moved on. Amazing things happen with no sleep.

So I like it and I am wearing it today. Nerdfighters ASSEMBLE! But first, some sleep.

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