Disorganization is a sign of Genius…WHAT?!

Okay I’ve heard that messiness is a sign of genius but really how can anyone create anything in a mess? My room is in such a state that I can barely get anything done. I’ve decided to fix that but before that I wanted to get at least one costume done. In pursuit of a very important item, I realized that I cannot find it at all. I saw it days ago and now it is completely gone and I am really, really frustrated (to be honest, pissed off) about it. I really need it and I can’t go to a store and buy it because it won’t be there. It is a metal crest that I took of a shoe that I had to throw away. I had two, then I saw only one. Now I see neither. I’m really annoyed by my space and now I have more of an initiative to change it. It has to get organized. Things I don’t need have to go and things I do need have to have a place to be seen and taken care of.  Its things like this, simple things, that light a fire under you to get you to achieve a goal. Starting today, the room redo begins!

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