Step One: Out with the Old

So, I began may journey of a thousand miles with one simple step. I started off my whole follow my dreams thing with getting rid of things I didn’t need anymore that was taking up space and weighing me down. It feels really good to get rid of some stuff: old papers, little broken bobits, dust bunnies. And it was fun to find things that I had forgotten that had me dreaming in the first place: applications, notebooks, tools. To celebrate the new found space and the new arrangement of things I decided to place We Cheer on the Wii and dance some anime dances (yeah, big nerd). But its so great it feels so open and spacious and productive and this is just the first step. I’ve got loads of plans to make happen and I’m already on the right track. Now here is the funny part, some of the old things that I decided to get rid of was this old children’s room desk and, um, my bed. Ha! Where am I going to sleep now. Oh, you’ll see.

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