Hey There!

I am going to be odd and start writing a blog again…hi…

So I have realized this week that it is Easter and I have got places to go. Nice places. And what I usually do when I go to nice places is I design and make a new outfit to relieve myself from the mundane day job work clothes and pajama days (which is every day). It also helps me to keep up my sewing skills and stay creative. And I love looking pretty and making pretty things.

But I haven’t done that lately. There have been fun places to go and wear fun outfits to but then whenever I say it out loud to people, I usually get the practical response of “you don’t have to make something to wear” and I want to shout “YES I DO, because I don’t want to get lazy in my skills and I want to wear pretty clothes that I don’t get the opportunity to wear and my current normal wardrobe is crap!”

But I don’t yell that at people because, yes, it is a practical, sensible answer and it really makes me kind of sad that I get this answer from people…I really should just not tell people I am making new things though because I don’t expect people to read my mind and understand where I am coming from and vise versa…but never mind that.

I have decided to take up the habit of making a new outfit for new places to go to again. And I will document these outfits to fun places here…and loads of other stuff…I guess…

Anyway, Easter is coming up so I need a proper Easter outfit suited for a frilly, frou frou, color loving adult who would love to live in a story book.

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