Costume Intensive Year (Or Making the Effort)

Hey There,

It has been a while but we are not here to talk about that. Today is the start of a new year and I realized that the past year wasn’t as productive costume-wise as I wanted it to be. So this year that will change.

The goal of this year is to

Make The Effort

I am going to do my best to make the costumes I want to make, improve my skills and overall become the costumer I set out to be years ago.

Here is what I plan to do.

I have a binder which contains my costume intensive study. I came up with this kind of course as I was making a list of costumes I would like to make in the coming year which is also in the binder. I am going to document everything I do costume-wise in this binder in the hopes that I will keep myself accountable of my progress and skill building. Everything I work on during the year will be in this binder.

You can also see that there is The Historical Sew Fortnightly by the Dreamstress as well in there. I will be doing my best to following along with that as well and you will see the results on this blog as well. I will post about that soon.

I will also be documenting what I want to accomplish this year with this blog. I want to be able to look back on 2017 and say “Woah, I did a lot”. Unlike 2016 where I said “Man, I didn’t do enough.” I am very much looking forward to this year and all the work in front of me. I hope you will come along for the ride.

❤ Sarania

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