Historical Sew Fortnightly Or Monthly #0 Part 1

Hey There,

Time to start one of my requirements in my costume intensive work. I have decided to take on The Dreamstress’s Historical Sew Fortnightly 2013. Yes, 2013. She started this in 2013 and has kept going until now. All those challenges from previous years are on her blog as well as how the whole thing works. (Hence why I won’t hash that out here, go read her blog. Its quite lovely (http://thedreamstress.com/the-historical-sew-fortnightly/).

Since there are so many years and so many challenges, I decided to start from the very beginning, which is a very good place to start. I am also taking a few liberties with the rules. I am not going to do the challenges in order or try to make it by the set deadlines. So I just have to finish all the challenges by years end. Possible right? I hope so.

Anyway, on to the the first one I am doing. This is marked as challenge #0 Starting Simple. All I have to do is finish a project I started. This is easy.


These are 18th century stays I have been working on kind of off and on. I started this last year in the summer as a kind of random project to get out of a sewing funk. As of now, they are not done. Since I want to make some 18th century dresses this year (go figure), these would be very helpful to have. I am not sure what shape they will give me since I did not cut them in the correct size and had to alter them a lot and the construction is kind of strange. I should also mention that this pattern is Butterick B4254 Making History collection. If this doesn’t turn out well, I will just draft my own set of stays with the help of one of the costume books I have. But I want to see this through to the end so I am going to finish them.


Here you get to see that I put some boning in it and you get to see a better shot of the fabric. This is kind of a dream fabric of mine. I always wanted historical undergarments using this fabric and now I have about 4 yards in two different colors. Expect to see this fabric a lot.


And you can see here that I used canvas as the base layer as the pattern told me to do. This works well but the sandwiching of the canvas between the lining and outer fabric and then sewing though the layers is quite awkward to sew. I am sure I will find other ways to construct stays that will work better but for now I press on.

Now as you can see as of this post this project isn’t finished and it has been two weeks since the new year. So already I failed to make the fortnightly mark, but keeping within the two weeks should come with practice (even though I am not trying to keep within that challenge requirement, I would not mind having 28 historical garments by the end of the year). So soon (very soon) I hope to show you the finished product.

❤ Sarania


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