To Sleep Perchance to Dream (Wedding Dress)

Hey There,

Well this year got away from me. The Historical Sew Fortnightly/Monthly just fell by the wayside and costume projects got sent to the UFO pile. That will happen when you get engaged and married and in the same year….Yes… 03/13/17-engaged…09/03/17-married.

This happened in the span of 5 months…


And before you ask, a lot of it was DIY. From the bouquets…


To the boutonnieres…


To the décor…


To the favors…


And yes, the dress. Possibly some of the most stressful months of my life.


Full disclosure, I never really dreamed about what my wedding would be so it all really just came together based on things I saw that I liked on *ahem*Pinterest.

So when it came to making the dress, I had no dream dress in mind. I never dreamt of being a princess or a sexy goddess ( I have made clothing for those ideas and they are pretty overrated, as fun as they are).  I just dreamt of the marriage and being with the love of my life for the rest of my life. Heck, the prospect of a full wedding made me want to grab my fiancé and run to Vegas and head for the nearest drive-thru chapel. But alas, my conscience got the better of me, so a wedding we planned. And for good measure, did it in the same year we got engaged to please the very old fashioned parents of mine.


So what’s up with the dress?

I basically went with the idea of “Okay what dress haven’t I made yet? Edwardian! Perfect. Done!” Yeah, that’s what happened.

I had very little time to draft and mock up my dress so I went searching through my collection of patterns. I spliced two Edwardian style Simplicity patterns together to get the shape I was looking for.

Then I cut and sewed a mock up…and then I had the idea that I needed dresses for the other wedding related events happening. Like the bridal shower:


And the Rehearsal dinner:


And the Post-wedding breakfast:


All of these done before I even bought the fabric for the wedding dress. What the heck was I thinking?! After finishing all those dresses I had two weeks left before the wedding to sew my entire wedding dress.

Thankfully I had a costume designer God-send of a friend to help adjust my mock up. And Vogue Fabrics had gorgeous selections of everything I needed so it was my one stop shop for all the wedding madness.

Well…besides the huge amount of sequins and beads that I bought from and never used. (A lot of ideas fell by the wayside, beadwork was one of them.)


And I did buy a petticoat from so that was a bit of a cheat.

But besides that, some how I managed to finish my dress with a night of sleep to spare.


And, well, I do like my dress a lot.


I am just not, I don’t know, in love with it. But then I have no idea what dress I would actually be in love with. This dress served its purpose and is happily sitting in the closet waiting to be packed away for decades never to be worn again and I am fine with it.

You know what, the dress I really fell in love with was the one I wore to my bridal shower. It was inspired by this dress that I found on Pinterest years ago.


It’s a 1950’s style swallow tail hem with a lace overlay. I think if I had the dress I found on Pinterest for my wedding maybe that would be the dress I loved. Or maybe I did want the princess dress or the sexy goddess. I don’t know. I am still very happy with the wedding and what really matters to me is that I married the love of my life.


But I am kind of still hung up on the dress because I am trying to be satisfied with it and I don’t think I am.

What I am thinking of doing is making all the possible wedding dresses I would have wanted for my day. Just to say that I did make my “dream wedding dress” and to finally put this dress issue to rest…but this a project for next year I think.

For right now, I have a project in mind that I have always wanted to do and with the new freedom of moving out of my parents house, I can do that now. How to execute it? I have very little to no idea. So what am I going to do next? …I’ll get to that next time…

❤ Sarania


Easter Outfit Triumph!

And for my first trick…a simple Easter brunch outfit…tada…

Yes, this is the start of me getting back to making outfits for the heck of it. Kind of a quickie but it still felt good to wear something new that I made. It felt even better when a young lady said to me “I love your outfit. You look so colorful!”…Oh those self-centered, egotistical feels. So addictive.

To be honest, the process was quite quick. It all started with Pinterest (as it always does). First, an inspiration page.



Easy enough, I have most of the clothing already. A blouse, a sweater, necklace, shoes and a bag. I just need to make a tulle skirt and a beret. Alright time to gather the materials.



Now lets make the skirt! (Pink?! I know right, I am so drawn to blue and I used to hate pink. I was surprise by this choice. But it was two days ’til Easter and I just used what I had in my stash. This was thanks to a Frozen themed party I decorated. Anna cape…get it?)

So I finally got to try out my new ruffler foot I bought last year.



Yep! That scary thing. Then just add a waistband (I used elastic ’cause I couldn’t be bothered to make a proper, fancy waistband)…



And (literally) poof! I was done under an hour!



I had to steam the snot out of it but still, it was done!

Next was the necklace which I crafted from thrifted pearls and a lovely flower brooch I bought from Ann’s Booty ( Oh! And one of my favorite necklaces given to me by me darling love of my life.



Finally, the beret was left which really didn’t work out. I tried to follow the tutorial from ( but its not the best thing to do when it is late at night and you are sleep deprived. I was also working on an Anna cosplay commission and just decided to use the embroidery template as the cut out and …yeah…not a good look. So, we live and we learn.

Oh well, my hair could be done anyway…And drum roll for the outfit big reveal.



TADA (Ack! Shoes are untied!). It felt awesome to get back to making clothes for myself just because. Lord knows I need to do it more often. This is definitely the start of (or refreshing of) my want to make new clothing for any small, normal event and my want for more pretty things in my too small closet. Okay, onward to creative victory!

❤ SirLadyCostumer