Make Room, Please

I now have to put my resolution on hold because I realized I have no space for 52 projects. So for the next few project weeks I am going to redo my space. I always do this because changing a space to fit my current goals makes it easier to achieve my goals. This is going to take quite some time  so there may be room renovation posts instead of costume-y posts. It will be costume related mind you because I am creating a *drumroll* sewing room!! *high pitched squeal* Sew Excited! So there will be loads of fabric, storage options and new interior décor. Ooooo fancy! This is going to take a weird turn because some of the projects that will replace a costume projects will include window treatments, a futon and a kotatsu…o_0  Sew, I hope what I will soon share with you will be helpful and entertaining.


I Have A Hat

First project of the year, FINISHED! Its rather simple since the week was all go and no stop. (Darn really world encroaching on my dream) But as I said before I am not waiting for time to make costumes. I have to make time. (I was technically posting at 11:38pm, so I did not skip a day! There will be another post in a matter of hours) Check out the tutorial I used:

Bunny Hat

Kyo Hat by Sirlady Costumer

Oh and end of the week means a video…a rather silly one really.

See you next week…or in a few hours…