I Figured That

I did it again…suffice it to say, at least this is not the only thing I didn’t get done today. Perhaps I’ll set a time of when I post…lets say early in the morning when I wake up. That’s fair. Anyway, I’m in the middle of reading The Fault In Our Stars by John Green and designing some Steampunk outfits. I realize that may anatomy is not that great but at least it looks like a person. Yet the design looks slightly different from what I imagined. But  since I remember the design in my head of how its supposed to look, its more of a physical reminder of what it is and a way to show others what it is. I should take some figure drawing classes. I know that this is necessary for designers. They have to know how to draw the anatomy in order to show how their designs fit on the human body. A friend of my told me to take a figure drawing class in college. But I was too far gone in stage management to realize I needed it. Now I really wish I did, even for one semester. Oh the mistakes we make in college. (That was possibly the biggest mistake I made in college, not taking a figure drawing class, otherwise college went really well. Can’t complain) I could take a class now but between new equipment I need to buy, fabric, notions and the regular life stuff that is required, that won’t happen for a few years.


The Very Fabric

So I was reading a few blogs and I was looking at all the amazing costumes people have made. What really astonished me was what they said about the fabric: “I got it at Walmart.”  Say what?! Since when does Walmart sell fabric? And then Doctor moment: “Yes, Of course! Stupid! They bought curtains or table clothes or bed sheets.” They are made of beautiful fabrics and there is so much yardage in each package since they have to cover a lot of distance AND (now here’s the kicker) they cost way less than if you would by yards of fabric from a fabric store!  This is a HUGE deal!

Figure this: The really fancy fabric that curtains and cushions are made of (believe me, they are beautiful or you wouldn’t buy them)  sold in a fabric store by the yard it would cost about $15-$20 a yard (best case scenario). And for a pretty dress or coat you will need more than one. Now if you bought a queen size sheet or large curtain, you would get about 3 or 4 yards in one pack for maybe $20 or $25. Significantly cheaper, don’t you think?

This makes this whole project each week for a year thing more financially feasible. Of course, for some pieces the fabric store is a necessity but if I can swing it then I’ll be hanging out in the Home sections in many a marts this year.

I should have remembered this since the first costumes I made were made of bed sheets.

Check out this blog that made me think of this: